DEI as a business enabler.

Moving beyond the why, this is how.

23 November 2023 | 9:30 - 17:30 | Spant! Bussum

DEI is hard, complex, sensitive, political, and deeply personal. However, it is precisely because of these complexities that strong leadership is needed. As the very first tech event focused entirely on DEI as a business enabler, we aim to equip you with the tools you need to bring DEI to life in your organisation.

DEI in Tech Summit is all about the HOW:

• How can you build a talent pool that not only thrives on diversity but also promotes and supports it?

• How can you lead a transformative business journey of data-driven DEI that generates measurable impact?

• How can you learn about strategies to effectively eradicate discrimination, racism, and sexism from all levels of our organisation and create an inclusive work culture?

• How can you create an LGBTQ+ safe and inclusive workplace that cultivates a culture of belonging without fear or shame?

• How can you break free from neurotypical norms, discover the power of a neurodiverse-friendly work environment that ignites opportunities for every individual to excel?

• How can you discover cutting-edge strategies to eradicate biases in AI systems and products, making decisions with trust and without prejudice?

Picture a future where diversity fuels innovation, equity drives growth, and inclusion fosters collaboration. Join as we deep-dive into the various approaches of DEI and uncover tangible solutions backed by data. This is not just an idle dream – it's a business strategy that should be a part of every organisation’s DNA.

... because the WHY should be clear by now:

Elevate DEI: Inspire, Act, Transform

Allow your DEI initiatives to move beyond mere aspiration and embrace tangible action. Step into the realm of real-life cases, where you'll witness first-hand how DEI leaders and experts tackle challenges head-on, co-creating solutions with you. Engage in interactive workshops that forge new connections and equip you with innovative tools, specifically designed to leverage impactful change within your organisation.

Who you will meet

Entrepreneurs and tech visionaries

Founders, Co-founders, C-level leaders in IT and technology

Investment pioneers

Managing Directors, Investment Directors, General Partners, Investors and key decision-makers in the investment world

Innovation Leaders

Chief Innovation Officers, Chief Strategy Officers, and Innovation Directors, HR Officers

Government and Policy Makers

Politicians, Government Officials, and Government Representatives

DEI Experts and Professionals

Chief Diversity Officers, Diversity and Inclusion Managers and Directors, DEI Data Analysts, DEI Programme Developers, and other DEI Specialists

Partner with us to make true impact

Let's create a future where diversity flourishes, equity is the norm, and inclusion thrives. Do you share our full commitment to placing DEI at the heart of their organisation? Let's forge a powerful partnership that empowers us to learn from one another and exchange best practices in embedding DEI principles. Together, we'll lay a solid foundation for the transformative change that our world urgently needs.

If you're ready to embark on this inspiring journey with us, seize the opportunity to become a valued partner. Simply complete the form below, and our dedicated team will reach out to you promptly. 


DEI & DLiT Community

Diversity, equity and inclusion are three interconnected concepts. Together, they create an environment of respect and fairness. DEI stands for equal access, opportunities, and a sense of belonging for all people in your organisation.

DEI in Tech Summit is hosted by Diverse Leaders in Tech, a community that is established and funded by The DLiT community builds bridges and promotes DEI as a business enabler. To learn more, please visit our website.

We welcome all intersectional leaders in the Dutch tech sector. Read more about Diverse Leaders in Tech or apply now


DEI is hard, complex, sensitive, political, and deeply personal. However, it is precisely because of these complexities that strong leadership is needed. As the very first tech event focused entirely on DEI as a business enabler, we aim to provide a high-end experience tailored to purpose-driven tech leaders and professionals to equip them with the tools needed to bring DEI to life in their organisations.

The event takes place at Spant! - a congress centre and theatre in Bussum. 

By public transport
Bussum is conveniently located within a thirty-minute train ride from both Amsterdam and Utrecht. To reach your destination, you can board bus 109 (heading towards Hilversum via Laren-Eemnes) and alight at the Dr. A. Kuyperlaan stop. From there it’s a 350-meter walk. Let us know if you need assistance.

By car
Navigate to Doctor Abraham Kuyperlaan 3. There're free (disabled) parking spots available next to the venue. 

Together with our partners we're working on carefully curating a programme in alignment with the DEI Manifesto which came to life during the Diverse Leaders in Tech Kick-off event in March 2023.

The event is accessible to people with physical disabilities. We'll create a low-stimulus room for those who need it. We do everything we can to make this event accessible for everyone. 

Please let us know if we need to make special arrangements so that you can participate fully. There is a dedicated field for this on the registration form, but you can also email us at

The event language is English. 

There is no dress code, we encourage you to come as you are. The most important thing is that you feel comfortable and confident.

Tickets & Payments

DLiT Members
Early Bird Tickets €69
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Techleap Community Members
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Normal tickets
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The prices don't include 21% VAT.

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