Arnout Nederpelt
Arnout Nederpelt
Chief Ambassador for Atypical
The ASML Neurodiversity Network
Arnout Nederpelt’s diagnosed with both Aspergers (a form of Autism) and Giftedness.

Giftedness was diagnosed early, before getting his master degree in Industrial Engineering and Management Sciences at the TU/e. Diagnosed with Aspergers after three years of experiencing how broken neurotypical recruitment processes are.

He worked 13 years for ASML (currently as Business Process Analyst), where he was an early joiner of the Autism Embassy that started about nine years ago. When the Autism Embassy broadened its scope to all neurodiversity and became Atypical, he led the network as Chair. Since summer this year he’s moved on to become Chief Ambassador of the network, helping our many ambassadors to spread a message of inclusion.

In parallel to this, Arnout also has been active in Toastmasters for 13 years, taking opportunities to lead and spread a message of inclusion. Since July 2022, he has led their Toastmasters District consisting of about 3000 members spread over 110 clubs in the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg and France. From his role as District Director he’s secured 'Diversity' as additional Core Value, acting as role model and promoting inclusion across all our countries.