Geraldine Moodley
Geraldine Moodley
Director, Advisor & Trainer - Inclusion
Geraldine Moodley & Partners, Firestarter Productions
Geraldine Moodley is an advisor on Inclusion, Culture & Impact. Her background spans many different sectors, developing organisational cultures, social justice programmes, leadership challenges and human development. She is an international human rights lawyer, and drives culture through a broad lense of data informed practice, responsibilities, rights, engagement, wellness, inclusion and accountability.

She is currently shifting DEI advisory work to broader societal impact, government and public sector, purpose lead initiatives, innovative enterprises and startup/tech sector, supporting future-focused organisations and inclusive leaders. She's worked with a broad variety of organisations on inclusion and culture.

Discrimination continues to be a barrier to inclusion everywhere, which is why it's a key area of research and action in the suite of inclusion practice.