Ingrid Tappin
Ingrid Tappin
Diverse Leaders in Tech
As the founder and director of Diverse Leaders in Tech - the very first intersectional tech community in The Netherlands - Ingrid Tappin is on a mission to set the standard for DEI Excellence in Europe.
She is the daughter of a Bajan psychiatrist and Surinamese psychologist, who lived in Seattle until she was five, before her family moved to Rotterdam.

From a young age Ingrid learned the importance of being able to step into many worlds and walk in many shoes. For better, and sometimes for worse, she became fluent in culture code-switching.
During her career - in which she ran her own culture design agency, co-founded a SaaS startup, and worked as a senior manager for Accenture’s Talent & Organization practice - Ingrid discovered the power of DEI as a driver for team performance, business success and positive societal change.

As she and her wife are now raising two teenage daughters - of which one has autism/is autistic - she more than ever realises that the future of technology is in need of more empathy, compassion and inclusion.

“I believe that every individual has a part to play in shaping the future. Whether it’s in the workplace or in society at large, we all have a responsibility and a right to use our talents for good. It’s not enough to simply recognise the need for change; we must also take action to bring about that change.”